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Workshop and Experience in Arita

Price:200,000 JPN

Arita is the Japanese Porcelain birth place, at the mountain area near by downtown know as Kuromuta is a place where some of the kilns, studios and factory are set up. One of this factory is Kouraku Gama a 150th years factory and now the first International Art Residency studio in Town, the Studio know as Happy Lucky Site in collaboration with Shin Gama a traditional kiln at the same neighborhood will offer a tour and experience about Arita Ware during the Autumn Ceramic Festival.
The program is planned for 23 days and during this time the participant will have the opportunity to make a workshop about porcelain modeling, under glaze paint, glaze, over glaze decoration with use of decal and Noborigama Kiln fire workshop.
Technical visit to some kilns, studios and galleries, the Kyushu Ceramic Museum and of course take part at the Ceramic Fair. One visit is planned to the city of Karatsu which is very famous for its ceramic with the use of stoneware and ash glaze with iron oxide decoration with influence from Korean ceramics and one optional visit to Nagasaki.

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