‘Travelling Tumbler Design Award & Competition 2022’ started!

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We started The Traveling Tumbler Design Award and Competition 2022 ,The design call is now open.
This is a joint project with the handmade market minne.

We are always looking for creators to follow in Jeremie’s footsteps, both domestically and internationally.

This project has been realised out of the desire to meet creators who will work together with us to create the future possibilities of Arita ware.

We hope that everyone will “definitely want to get involved in Arita ware pottery making!

Please incorporate your thoughts and enthusiasm into the design of the tumbler and submit it together with the episode behind the design.


//Traveling Tumbler Design Award and Competition 2022 by minne and Kouraku Kiln

We are holding a special competition for tumbler designs based on the theme of ‘travel’, such as the city of your memories, the city you live in now, or the city you have always dreamt of visiting.
The best designs will be selected from among the entries. The best designs among the entries will actually be commercialised at the workshop of the Kouraku Kiln in Arita.
The designs will be commercialised at the Kouraku Kiln studio in Arita. The commercialised tumbler designs will be published in minne’s reading media “minne to monozukuri to” and various other contents.

//Application period
From 15 July (Fri) to 17 August (Wed), 2022 (23:59).

//How to apply and entry conditions
For more information, please visit the minne website.