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1865 The first president Kosuke Tokunaga builds step kiln at Arita
1915 Established Tokko Ceramics Factory
Koichi Tokunaga, the second president, started production of braziers
1930 Kiln changes from step kiln tosingle-room kiln
1941 The third president,Tetsuo Tokunaga begins production of household tableware
1944 Product tableware for Japanese armed forces as an Army designated factory (No. 80)
1954 Started restaurant tableware (Hakukourai)
1961 Kiln changes from coal-fired to oil-fired
1962 Completed a new factory in Maruo, Arita Town.
Relocate head office function.
Build a heavy oil type tunnel kiln (main kiln 50m, unglazed kiln 25m)
1963 The company name changed of Tokko Ceramics Factory to Tokunaga Porcelain Co., Ltd.
Inaugurated as President Tetsuo Tokunaga / Appointed Managing Director Ryuichi Tokunaga
1967 Hiroshi Tokunaga became managing director
1970 Built a gas-type kiln (main kiln 45m, unglazed kiln 25m)
1984 Tetsuo Tokunaga became chairman
Ryuichi Tokunaga became the 4th president
Hiroshi Tokunaga left the company in 1987 and established a new Tokkou kiln.
1991 Ryuichi Tokunaga introduces Japan’s first lineless glaze
1993 Changed the main kiln to a gas-type single kiln (3.5 cubic meters)
1995 Joined Takanobu Tokunaga
1997 Takanobu Tokunaga became managing director
First computer-controlled production system in Arita
Supervised by Takanobu Tokunaga
2010 Feb Ryuichi Tokunaga became chairman / Takanobu Tokunaga
becames the 5th president
2012 NHK Saga Broadcasting Station 70th Anniversary Drama “That Person That Day” Main Shooting Cooperation
web site
2013 Great East Japan Earthquake support activities started
2014 Artist in Residence started
2015 Foreign Residence Coordinator hired