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It was in the first year of Keio (1865) that the first Tokunaga Kosuke built the first kiln in Obo-yama, Arita Town.

Since then, we have inherited the “first intention to work on making roasted food in a single direction” without extinguishing the fire of the kiln for more than 100 years.

In 1958, a new kiln was built in Maruo, Arita, and now, in order to quickly respond to high-mix medium-volume production there, we maintain the entire process from casting to unglazed kilns, paintings, main kilns, and aka-e kilns. We are consistently producing.

In addition, we have set up an in-house LAN to connect the sales department and the manufacturing department to meet strict delivery dates. In addition, we have set up a design room and a prototype room in order to pursue Arita’s tradition and further innovation, and we are also focusing on developing original designs.


1967 orn in Arita Town, Saga Prefecture
1988 Entered Kyoto City University of Arts, Faculty of Crafts, Department of Ceramics
1992 Graduated from the same university
Joined Toyo Glass Co., Ltd. Assigned to Design Office, Marketing Department, Tokyo Headquarters
1995 The company left
the company Joined Tokunaga Ceramics Co., Ltd.
1997 Appointed Senior Managing Director of the company
1999 Tableware Festival in Tokyo Dome, Professional category prize
2004 Hizen District Design Registration Examination Committee Grand Prize
2010 Became President of Tokunaga Ceramics Co., Ltd.
2011 Hizen District Design Registration Examination Committee Grand Prize
2014 Romance Saga in Roppongi Participation