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地域の人と繋がる 有田焼 SDGs Badge (字幕/日本語:英語)

We have decided to create a porcelaine SDG badge in collaboration with Arita’s Yakimono-no-sato. To us this badge represents some of the main goals we are working towards.

Both Yakimono-no-Sato and Kouraku Kiln share the same values and aime for the same goals on the SDG chart. 

They are;

#8 Decent work and economic growth

#10 Reduce inequalities
#12 Responsible consumption and production

We hope people will see this SDG badge as a symbol of a bright new future. 

We are proud to associate ourselves with Yakimono-no-sato.  

All proceeds will go to Yakimono-no-sato.

Product: Arita SDGs badge. Available from Thursday, July 1, 2021

Product size:  Diameter 20 mm / Thickness 3 mm 

Material : Porcelain / Metal

Price: 1,650 yen