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We would like to introduce the efforts of the Kouraku Kiln.
At Kouraku Kiln, we ask Arita’s employment continuation support office “Yakimono no Sato” to do some of the work of making dough for standard products.
Ichikawa, the factory manager of our company, is an instructor at the same place, and we have been working with him since then.
At first, we started to support by making dough for small chopstick stands.
Then, while making sure that I had mastered the work properly, I gradually increased the difficulty level.
While continuing such activities, I had the opportunity to get to know Accenture, who provides employment support through design.
We have decided to jointly develop products. This is the first one we made.

A glass made as a gift for Father’s Day.
At Kouraku Kiln, we will continue to explore new forms of manufacturing.