Romancing SAGA collaborative goods

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Romancing佐賀 有田焼丸型小皿10枚セット

SQUEA ENIX’s popular game “Romancing SAGA” and as a collaborative goods for
the collaboration event “Romacing 佐賀(Saga)” in Saga Prefecture,
we worked on a set of 10 Arita porcelain round small plates.
Assuming that many people will come into contact with Arita porcelain for the first time through this product, we have set the price range so that it is easy to reach so that people will know the joy of buying ware.
On the other side making it uncompromising, the product itself uses authentic Arita porcelain techniques, and the packaging is also made of paulownia boxes.
We hope to deliver genuine Arita porcelain that is not just a souvenir, but that you can continue to use Arita porcelain in the future.