Teruyuki Furukawa

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古川 照幸

Work in Koraku kiln

I work on making prototypes of pottery. Create a design drawing, draw a drawing if requested, and make it a three-dimensional mold.

The pottery is completed in the main kiln. No matter how good the prototype is made, it is meaningless if it loses its shape when baked, so I try to propose a “shape that will become a pottery”. The size changes when baked, and above all, it distorts. Most of the pottery is round, because the round is the least distorted. Since the square is distorted, you can change the line slightly to make adjustments that make it look like a square after baking.

It’s very quick to shape what you finish with a potter’s wheel, but it takes time because most of the deformed dishes are scraped by hand.

What I want to tell

In the old days, it was made for the company, but now the president asks for various requests, so it is made for various people. It feels like a different wind is blowing. By doing so, you can make various shapes, bake them, gain experience, and make new proposals. I want to develop it little by little like that.

The pottery will last 100 or 200 years unless it is damaged. Since there is almost no deterioration over time, it is attractive that the pottery you made may remain for hundreds of years.

However, in order to continue this work, it is important to say “like”. It may be better not to choose just for “life”.