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Work in Koraku kiln

I do various things such as overall schedule and quality management. There are many processes in making roasted food, such as firing a kiln or unglazed, and it is important to adjust the time, but we make use of the knowledge and experience we have cultivated over 30 years.

Now that I think about it, I feel the real thrill of using what we have made by people all over Japan and around the world.

About Koraku kiln

As it has been said for a long time, the Koraku kiln is a cozy place. Even on my days off, I’ll come out if I don’t have any particular business (lol).

Koraku Kiln is a company that challenges various things, so we have to deal with it. There are many things, not just pottery. It’s also fun.
It may be pressure, but I will follow it.
However, there are many new things for us, so I think we’ll work together (lol).