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About Koraku kiln

I’m usually in charge of “people”. Customers, trading companies, telephones … everything about people, and the rest is sales.

It’s an old company that has been around since the first year of Keio, but I think it’s rare for a company to be open or accepted so far. Let’s do it together without hiding the technology! It’s like that. I’m curious about the president, but I think it’s a company that really likes interesting things. Do new things while cherishing things that can be old. Employees are being swayed (lol)

Also, in the past, I had few opportunities to interact with craftsmen in the field, but when treasure hunting and artist-in-residence are introduced and people come in from the outside, I will talk naturally. became. Now it’s a very open company.

What I want to tell

For example, even if you join the company with the hope of “I want to paint!”, You will have to go to various departments at first. There, you may discover new possibilities for yourself. On top of that, if there is a desire to “like this,” the company will listen to it, so I would like you to give your own opinions more and more.