Artist in Residence

Art Residency Program in Arita –Japan

We are pleased to be able to offer you an opportunity to enhance your pottery skills to a level that would be hard or impossible to find elsewhere.  We have a program that takes maximum advantage of the distinctive ceramic history in the famous town of Arita, which is considered to be the home of Japanese pottery.  Arita pottery is based on its 400-year history of developing the unique properties and artistic possibilities of porcelain.

Our  program encourages familiarity with porcelain while we explore its special properties.  We are also well equipped to accommodate conventional clay techniques. Our studio provides potter’s wheels, slip casting, and pressure casting with the opportunity to enhance your work with decals, painting, and over-glazing techniques.

In-depth instruction in Japanese pottery techniques is part of our program with emphasis on exploring the endless possibilities in the uses of glazes when combined with the extraordinary properties of porcelain.

Residency price per 1 person for one month:  $2,500 USD

The price includes:

  • 29 nights of Accommodation on site
  • 84 pounds (40kg) of high quality porcelain clay plus glazes
  • Use of facility and tools
  • Firing fees
  • All instruction

The price does NOT include:

  • Meals – full-service kitchen facilities available on site
  • Laundry – washing machine available on site
  • Local tourism guides as desired

Payment arrangement:

  • Advance, refundable payment of 10% of total tour cost due within seven days of receiving a tentative confirmation.
  • Full payment 30 days prior to the tour start date.
  • Payments accepted:  Paypal, Credit Card, Bank transfer, International money order
  • Cancellation fee:
    – 30 days to 15 days prior to the tour start date: 30% of the tour price
    – 14 days to 1 day prior to the tour start date: 50% of the tour price
    – Cancellation on the tour start date: 100% of the tour price (No refunds)


The residence is in a separate, self-contained building, adjacent to the studio.
Single and double rooms are Japanese style with single bed and/or futon.
Shared, full-service kitchen, dining area, and lounge are always available.
Shared, private toilets and furo and shared washroom are available at all times.
A washing machine is available for use at any time.

Complimentary internet service is available in your room and in the lounge

From the Pottery Owner: 

I encourage you to enjoy Arita at its best during any of our four seasons of beauty and nature while you work with our experienced and skilled staff.  We are well equipped to offer you a wide range of unique approaches to pottery making.  

In Arita, we are fortunate to have a ceramic market in May and a modern art exhibition in September.  I hope you may be able to schedule your visit with us during those times.

Arita abounds with opportunities to visit active kilns and factories in our town and to watch the finest pottery being made.  Important pottery museums are in Arita, and there are many shops, which together feature the full-range of ceramic ware..

This is a wonderful opportunity tor you to experience authentic Japanese lifestyle while accumulating a rewarding and memorable relationship with the art, skills and lasting pleasures of Arita pottery.

About us

Arita is the birthplace of porcelain in Japan almost 400 years ago and there are around 200kilns and artists working in the town. Kouraku kiln hosts local and international artists and students who wish to develop their practice and new projects and work with local studios to experience Arita first-hand.

Happy Lucky Site is a project directed by the fifth generation head of the Kouraku Company CEO, Takanobu Tokunaga. It is an artist residency program and a community based project designed to introduce Arita to the wider world. The Kouraku kiln (which means Happy Lucky) is almost 150 years old and produces both traditional and contemporary tableware, famous for its high standard of molded ceramics and technical innovation.

Artist in Residence Program [滞在型作品制作]

担当:セバスチアオ ピメンタ 紹介ページ

Family Room(4人宿泊可能)
Guest Room I (1〜2人宿泊可能)
Guest Room II (1〜2人宿泊可能)




Happy Lucky Factory 体験型コース

1) こどりコース

1 日(2 時間〜7 時間 30 分): 5,000円
9:00〜17:00  (休憩時間 10:00〜10:10,12:00〜13:00,15:00〜15:10)


2) レンタルスタジオコース


Kouraku Factory  9 Hours 8:00〜17:00
Kouraku Studio  9 Hours  10:00〜22:00
入会費(無期限) ¥1,000
日額利用料  Working Table  ¥3,000(半日 ¥1,500)
月額利用料  ¥45,000(半日 ¥22,500)
年額利用料 ¥300,000(半日 ¥150,000)
土代(磁土) 15kg ¥1,500
機材使用料別途 (1日)
ロクロ  Pottery Wheel +¥2,000(半日 ¥1,000)
素焼き窯 棚板一枚分 (1回)
(縦55×横40×高17) ¥1,000
(縦55×横40×高21) ¥1,000
本窯 棚板一枚分 (1回)
(縦45×横40×高さ3〜4) ¥1,000
(縦45×横40×高5〜6) ¥1,500
(縦45×横40×高8〜10) ¥2,500
(縦45×横40×高10〜) 要相談

工場の道具及び作業場(Working Table)を借りて作陶を行うコースになります。


スタジオは、盆休み、年末年始以外空いてます。(要 事前確認)

指導につきましては、当社の作業に支障をきたさない程度となります。指導時間は工場の就業時刻 に準じます。
スタッフ(月曜から土曜) 9:00〜17:00  (休憩時間 10:00〜10:10,12:00〜13:00,15:00〜15:10)


料金(30日):250,000円(宿泊代込) 詳細はお問い合わせ下さい。


振り込む前に、問い合わせのご連絡お願いします。 TEL:0955-42-4121


○他行の場合 ゆうちょ銀行
銀行コード:9900 支店名:七七八(ナナナナハチ) 支店コード:778
預金種目:普通 口座番号:1343663